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Below is a list of a few services that AgFlys, LLC utilizes some of our many different drones to provide. If you are needing aerial drone services for your properties or know someone that might be in need of our assistance, please call or email us, our books are quickly filling up!

Row Crop Spraying

Our spray drone can be very effective for spraying row crops such as cotton, soybeans, and corn especially when older machines prove to be inefficient. In times such as when the corn stalks are too high to use typical ground-based machinery or when there’s too much saturation in the ground, a drone will be more capable of getting the job done.

Orchard Spraying

Drones can be a useful tool to orchard farmers because the rows between fruit trees can be very tight but made more accessible with UAV’s. The swath of a drone’s sprayers is more effective than many other tractor attachments and spacing between trees proves to be less of an issue.

Agribusiness Spraying

Spraying with unmanned aerial vehicles can additionally be used on recreational grounds. We believe these drones can prove especially useful in maintaining the numerous grasses golf courses, replenishing gardens & fields, etc.

Scattered Crop Spraying

Using drones for spraying crops not planted in rows is useful because it does no damage by driving over them; the chemicals are sprayed aerially and relieve the ground of repeated tracks and stress that can reduce yields and cause damage to the fields.

Vineyard Spraying

The current solution for treating vineyards is seemingly inefficient because of the length of time for treatment. The use of drones can alleviate this by spraying the rows of grape vines quickly and accurately with aerial application.

Spreading Functions

Aside from just spraying chemicals to ensure health of croplands, the Agras drones by DJI can also be used for overseeding purposes, spreading fertilizers, and planting cereal crops.